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Preconstruction Planning
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HSS provides engineering and drafting services to produce products that are specifically suited to meet your application and project requirements.

Technical Support

HSS is a market leading supplier and technical support to the drilling industry with over 20 years experience in pipelines, filtration and hydraulic control. HSS has worked previously as an industry expert with support to both the ADIA and ADITC.


HSS provides a variety of different screening products and components best suited to your bore design, we manufacture, stock, source and supply high quality products.

Stainless Steel - Grades 304L, 316L, 904L- Wedge wire wrapped well screens. (Standard Construction and Pre-Pak). 2" - 20" sizes.

Stainless Steel - Pump Column, Quick Connectors, Threaded Casing.

Carbon Steel - Wedge wire wrapped well screens. (Standard Construction and Pre-Pak). 2" - 14" sizes.

PVC slotted screens and casing - Various pressure ratings, sizes and lengths. Threaded, SWJ.

PVC Environmental screens - Ecoline 50mm CL20 flush threaded, hermitically sealed, Pre-Pak PVC screens. 2" - 6".

GRE / FRP Composite - Screens and Casing. 3" to 18". Custom designs.

Mine Site / Drill Site - Screw Fencing / Temporary Fencing - (Sale and Hire) Advertise your client or your company on this temporary fencing.

Passive Intake Screens - Pump protection, municipal, irrigation, turbine cooling, reservoir, pre filtration.

Adaptors, End plates, Packers, Dielectric Couplers, Jetting Tools / Brushes, Well Cleaning Chemicals, Gravel Pack / Filtration media

Allow us to help you select the approriate media or gravel pack to assist in maximizing your bore performance. This will assist in lowering the cost of running your pump. It will assist in prevention of biological fouling and encrustation issues. It will improve the effeciency, productivity and life span of your well. Hydro Screen Solutions can provide sieve analysis support to ensure the correct media / screen aperture size is selected to ensure the most sustainable well.

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Hydro Screen Solutions (HSS) is a market leading supplier and technical support to the drilling industry regarding well design, screening products and drilling consumables. We supply our products and services to companies, but are not limited to those specialising in monitoring, geothermal, production, injection well, de‐watering and passive pump intake screen designs. We ensure you are provided with the product that best suits your application, taking into consideration chemical properties, TDS, TSS, the well depth MBGL, life expectancy of the well, different drilling processes and methods. We provide sustainable solutions, custom screen designs and casing products best suited to down hole / geological formation conditions. We commonly work with both the drilling contractor and the consultant to ensure the best outcome for the client / end user.



Head Office

29 Wenn Road, Singleton, WA 6175
Phone: 0401 667 727 

ABN – 19 323 649 768


Hydro Screen Solutions is a proud supporter and member of the ADIA and IAH.




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